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Mobile Shelving Units
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Product: Views:43Mobile Shelving Units 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-12-24 08:18
What is Mobile shelving 
Mobile Shelving is a shelving system which mounted on moving carriages. It is a perfect & high efficiency storage solution maximum uses of your limited floor space.

All archive shelving units can be locked & packed when access is not required, but when needed, an aisles can be created. All the rolling shelving units have dust proof device, make sure the whole units are dust free

The benefits you can get by using mobile aisle shelving systems
. the compacts nearly saves you 40% spaces while the storage capacity remains same. That means it saves you 40% space real estate cost. 
. If business growns and needs more spaces/rooms, movable shelving is a better, easier & economical way than moving 
. Make sure that all your documents are catalogued making it much easier to be find when needed

Mobile shelving systems supplier, high density mobile shelving manufacturer from Simply 

Why choose simply?
1. All filing shelving can be customized/tailored, sizes/dimensions & the designing, we can do as per you requested
2. Industry Solid bearings & tracks are what we are using
3. A variety of accessories for your choice 
4. more than 10 years manufacturing experience

we have been manufacturing compact filing system more than 10 years, our
 professional teamswill offer you suitable & perfect solutions
we are not offering products, we are offering storage solution 

Get the tailored & most suitable storage solutions at a price you'll love, please contact us now   

Compactor Storage Systems provides a solution to your storage needs and increase storage efficiency with systematic filing and retrieval of storage materials.

Product Festures

1. mobile shelving t is Effortless push-pull operation
2. Economical way to maximise your valuable storage space
3. Units can be easily extended, altered or relocated to support your changing storage needs
4. Available in single or tandem configurations
5. Low profile tracks are trolley and wheelchair friendly
6. Each system is lockable with a central lock when packed together
7. The built-in safety locks for mechanical type cabinets to safeguard users from accidentally trapped in aisles

Mobile shelving system mechanical  operation wheel ,basement and rail details 

 Main parts and Optional accessories: Multi-purpose shelf, cabinet, pull-out desk top, hanging rod, pull-out frame, pull-out drawer, divider, , disk drawer, platform, sliding door

Benefits of Mobile filing cabinet / mobile shelving systems

Mobile filing cabinet / mobile shelving all the shelves together to one side and leaving only the required gangway, mobile shelves eliminate unused aisle space.

Compared to static shelves, Mobile filing cabinet/shelving systems increase filing storage capacity by up to 100% and save up to 45% of the floor space occupied by the equivalent quantity of static shelving.

Mobile filing cabinet/shelving systems can offer a convenient solutions in small office
environment to improve the overall document management system.

Document Protection: access and retrieval in mobile shelving can be made secure blocking the units together and by use of lockable doors on the external units; 

Security: Lockable hand wheels in mobile shelves filing systems ensure that the opened aisle is locked and the adjacent mobile shelves units cannot close, whilst operator is accessing the gangway.

Steel Mobile Filing Storage Cabinet/ Movable Mass Shelf /Compact shelving System details:

Parameter Specification :
Types: Manual  Mechanical Wheel Mechanical Handle
Material : Electyolytic Galvanized Steel
Surface treatment: Epoxy Powder Coating 
Dimension : Height : 2150mm
Width : (905*N)+165mm (N=number of Bays)
Depth : Fixed Unit : 450mm
Movable Unit : 450/650/850mm
Shelf Size : W845xD395xH38mm(for 450/850);  W845xD295xH38mm(for 650);
No. of Shelf  Single Fixed /Single Movable =4n
Double Movable =8n
Aisle Size : 600-1000mm
Loading per Shelf: Reinforced Shelf : D295mm/85kg ; D395mm/100kg
Multi-purpose Shelf : D395mm/70kg
No. of Rails : 1-3Bays :  2pcs 4-5Bays : 3pcs
6-7Bays :  4pcs 8Bays : 5pcs
Thickness: Base Back panel Top panel Front panel Side panel  Shelf Post Rail
2mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 0.8mm 1.5mm 2mm
Lock : Steering wheel with brake lock ,more safety 
Post 50x50mm square tube post of double plate with slots in 25mm increment 
Bumper : Natural rubber of 30x16mm 
Rail : Made of 25mm concrete steel with 0.8mm stainless steel sheet coating
Wheel : Iron die casting with anti-rust zinc coating 
Loading : 1000kg / Wheel
Standard model of mobile filing shelving
Type Bay numbers Single fixed  Single movable Double movable Double Movable 
Manual 1 SFP450-1 SMP450-1 DMP650-1 DMP850-1
2 SFP450-2 SMP450-2 DMP650-2 DMP850-2
Mechanical 1 SFM450-1 SMM450-1 DMM650-1 DMM850-1
2 SFM450-2 SMM450-2 DMM650-2 DMM850-2
3 SFM450-3 SMM450-3 DMM650-3 DMM850-3
4 SFM450-4 SMM450-4 DMM650-4 DMM850-4
5 SFM450-5 SMM450-5 DMM650-5 DMM850-5
6 SFM450-6 SMM450-6 DMM650-6 DMM850-6
7 SFM450-7 SMM450-7 DMM650-7 DMM850-7
8 SFM450-8 SMM450-8 DMM650-8 DMM850-8
Standard Depth: ( D ) 450mm 450mm 650mm 850mm
Standard Hight: ( H ) 2150mm 
Standard Width: ( W ) 905*N (N=number of Bays)
Thanks for your concern !